Life+gear 116-piece First Aid And Survival Tactical Pack

Life+gear 116-piece First Aid And Survival Tactical Pack

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• Convenient pack with straps
• Features essential survival items including first aid kit supplies
• Compact grab-and-go design with MOLLE attachment option
• Survival kit includes poncho survival thermal blanket razor blade 4 safety pins scissors sewing kit paracord 10 water purification tablets flashlight with 2 AA batteries flint and fire striker
• First aid bag
• First aid kit includes abdominal pad 5 extra-large adhesive bandages 4 fingertip adhesive bandages 4 knuckle adhesive bandages 25 standard-size adhesive bandages 10 alcohol prep pads 5 povidone-iodine prep pads 6 antiseptic cleansing wipes 6 butterfly closure strips disposable cold compress 10 cotton tip applicators 4 sting-relief pads 2 triangular bandages disposable vinyl gloves elastic conforming bandage first aid tape 3 sterile gauze pads moleskin metal tweezers and buckle tourniquet;

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